When it comes to business cards, it’s all about selecting options that set you apart from your competition. If you’re having trouble getting your creative juices flowing, here are 10 business card commandments to live by.

1. Thou Shalt Not Always Conform

The unique, see-through element gives clear plastic business cards a modern touch. Clear cards can incorporate a number of design elements, from frosting to partial, full color printing; they are perfect for businesses and individuals looking for that competitive edge.

clear business card


2. Thou Shall Encourage Interaction

Inventive die cuts are an excellent way to grab the attention of the person you are giving your business card to. This die cut chair card takes the cake when it comes to unique and innovative design. Not only is it creative, but it allows interaction with your card in a whole new, tactile way.

bc chair


3. Thou Shall Embrace All Shapes

The more personal you can make your business card, the more your customers will connect with you. This to-go coffee cup is a perfect fit for a coffee shop or café. It can also double as a frequent drink card that your customers are sure to hang on to.

bc cup


4. Thou Shalt Not Covet the Square

These cards command attention by incorporating an ultra-unique die cut shape. All of the important information is well placed on the card. The black matte card stock is an excellent base for the silver foil stamping at each of the edges.

bc foil


5. Thou Shall Be Multi-Purpose

This dual purpose business card not only looks cool but has a utilitarian design, as well. It has a guitar pick die cut into it. This way you are giving customers something they can use, which will help keep your brand top of mind.

bc guitar


6. Thou Shall Perforate

You have to stand out from the crowd if you want your business cards to get noticed, and this card stands out in more ways than one. Its creative use of a die cut with a perforated tear off belly not only grabs your attention, but lets you know exactly what this gym can do for you.

bc gym


7.Thou Shalt Not Think Bigger Is Better

Small and elegant describes this card. It is a true testament to simple, classic design. This mini business card (1.75 x 3.5) with diagonal rounded corners packs a huge punch. Altering the size or adding rounded corners is an inexpensive way to make a business card memorable.

bc leaf



8. Thou Shalt Not Be Centered

An off center fold and a creative die cut give this card great dramatic flair. The excellent use of color die cutting and fold placement are simple tactics, but used well in this design to enhance the impact.

bc off center



9. Thou Shall Excite With Images

It looks so good you could eat it! If only paper tasted as good as frosting! We haven’t mastered the art of edible business cards yet, but this one comes pretty close. This creative use of a die cut works in perfect harmony with the image. It’s cleaver and a great conversation starter.

bc bite


10. Thou Shalt Not Reveal Everything Upfront

These aren’t your standard folded business cards. A simple design element takes this card to a whole new level. The extra die cut reveal at the top catches your eye and makes you want to find out what’s inside.

bc folded pop up tribe