There are many tools that shield us from the messes in life. We have bibs, napkins, and latex gloves. But new to the world of anti-mess is the NOSMUDGEE Company!  Demonstrating elegant ingenuity, they have solved the problem of mascara smudges which inevitably smear our eyelids when we are applying the beauteous goo.  Eureka!  A solution at last.

And speaking of solutions, the NOSMUDGEE Company needed one when it came to a professional printer. They had a great idea, a refined design, and a printing problem.


NOSMUDGEE Company searched for professional printing services that could meet their specific printing need. was able to meet the need and exceed performance expectations.  Jeffrey Burkey, NOSMUDGEE Company C.E.O. was searching for a business printing company that was able and willing to meet the exact printing specifications he had for his new product. PFL employee Amber Gatewood was the designer on the project. “This project presented several challenges; the key was to listen to the client to understand exactly what was needed.”

 Jeffrey put it this way, “This was not an easy task with one printing company not able to do this, the next company not able to do that. ‘A great idea… sorry we can’t do it’… became the standard reply. Then, FINALLY, after months of frustration, we discovered!  They took the design elements and product specifications then delivered to us a NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield product and packaging that exceeded our expectations.”

Creative ideas are encouraged at We specialize in helping custom projects come to fruition. Other custom online printing sources say no when we say YES.

If you can dream it, we can do it! Bring us your challenging projects.  We will shield you from the mess of sloppy printing while meeting your printing needs.

“We are grateful to PFL for helping us to make our NOSMUDGEE dream come true!”          ….Jeffrey Burkey, CEO

It was our pleasure, thank you NOSMUDGEE Company for your business.