Most brands are looking up. You can see them on billboards, TV advertisements and other advertising strategies. However, people get used to looking it above and others simply take it for granted. Instead of competing for souring brands, you can keep the brand’s humility through the floors where the people stepped on and looked for most of the time. It is not bad when your brand is being looked down literally.

Floor Advertising LogoMats

Studies revealed that shoppers tend to look down 80% of the time. It is when they reached for their purse, check on their phones, etc. This fact paved way to what we call now floor advertising. It is a strategy of utilizing the plain surface of the floor through putting your brands they’re using custom floor mats or floor graphics. Custom floor mats are rugs that are made with unique design where your logo or brand is seen.

How does it build brand recognition?
Engage and encourage customers to get into the premise
Indoor/outdoor logo mats are designed for high traffic areas. You can see this in front of the store before the door. A uniquely designed floor mat can create a positive impression and captivate shoppers to get into the premise. With your logo in there, it can serve as their reference when they buy your products.

Direct consumers to products that they are looking for
Counter/bar logo mats can be placed in front of display to highlight or label your products. Shoppers won’t need to ask assistance in finding the products that they are looking for. It is also placed on counters to evoke the “need to buy” emotion from your customers. These floor mats can stimulate the buying decision behavior of the shopper. As a result, it will enhance the shopping experience.

Strong brand awareness in a retail store
Floor mats can be placed anywhere but you have to choose areas where people usually flock into. Your retail store should speak highly of your brand so that it will stick in the mind of your consumers. They can refer it to their friends and family members because they remember the product/service you extended to them.

Highlight featured products
Featured products won’t be noticed without custom floor mats. You can create a prototype display in front of the product to capture the attention of the customers. You can also put words in the mat like “limited stocks only”, “New Arrival”, “50% Off”, etc., Lights are often complimented with custom floor mats to get your featured products emphasized.

Cost Effective
Durable custom floor mats can be used again and again. Hence, it can reduce your cost over time. It is favorable to small-medium sized companies who have limited budget for advertising strategies. You can adjust the size, quantity and quality of your floor mats depending on your capacity to pay.

Using custom floor mats as a promotional item has gained popularity because of its effectiveness in enhancing a store’s visual merchandising strategy. If you are still hesitant to use custom floor mats, you must know that a health and beauty company enjoyed 20% sales increase on their newly launched product after implementing a floor advertising strategy. Also, a cereal brand gained 17% sales increase after creating a prototype display of their product in front of their display. It only means that people respond positively to these strategies.

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