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How to Pick the Best Modern Business Cards that Stand Out


Modern Business Cards That Stand Out

As your company advances so too should your advertising. Learn how to pick the best modern business cards that will stand out from the competition!

If you think that business cards are a marketing tool of the past, think again.

While the internet makes it easy to connect with business and clients around the globe, 68 percent of junior level professional prefer networking face-to-face. And when networking face-to-face, it’s essential to have a stack of business cards ready to leave a lasting impression on your connections.

Whether you’re just starting your business or looking to boost your marketing strategy, it’s important to have cards ready whenever a networking opportunity arises.

Keep reading to learn how to craft professional, modern business cards that will stand out from the crowd.

Keep it Simple When Making Modern Business Cards

The most important step to designing modern business cards is to keep it simple.

With a space of only 3.5 inches by 2 inches to work with, trying to include too much text, too many images, or a mess of colors will leave it looking messy and unprofessional.

Instead, it’s important to do everything you can to simplify your design ideas. The result will be a business card that doesn’t distract from the information you’re trying to get across.

At the same time, your simple design needs to leave an impression. Going too simple will result in a business card that won’t stand out in the stack of them that your clients or acquaintances already have.

Use the rest of the tips on this list to craft a simple, stunning design that is sure to make an impression on everyone you give it to.

Choose the Right Font

When it comes to creating simple, modern business cards, it can be easy to get caught up in choosing colors, shapes, and images to decorate with.

But keep in mind that the point of your business card is to give the recipient your name and contact information.

That makes choosing the font one of the most important design decisions you’ll make.

The right font will reflect your business’ brand and style, while also giving your business cards a professional look and feel.

Avoid going too fancy.

If no one can read your name and information, your business cards will be useless. But go too simple, and the font may not properly represent your professional business.

Finding a happy medium, and a font that reflects your businesses style will take a little searching. Talk with your business card provider to see what fonts they have available. Or, take to the internet to search for the perfect font from the millions available online.

Rethink Your Brand

If you already have a company brand in place, you’ll want to use it to guide your design decisions for your modern business cards.

But keep in mind that not every element of your brand needs to get packed onto each tiny business card.

Instead, choose just a few elements to include. Use two or three colors that match your brand. Utilize a font that is included in your brand style guide.

Think of it as a simplified version of your font. You want your business cards to fit in with other pieces that reflect your brand, while still looking modern and professional.

If your business is new or just doesn’t have a cohesive brand yet, now is the time to create on. You don’t necessarily need professional design help to do this. Even just choosing a set of matching colors, a few fonts, and a style, such as minimalism or a fun, colorful look can help you create guidelines that will help make all of your business materials match.

Utilize Your Logo

One easy way to reflect your brand without overdoing it is to include your business’ logo on your business card.

If your logo is too complicated to be shrunk down onto a business card, consider creating a secondary logo.

This could include the design outline of your logo, but with fewer words. Or it could feature just the name of your business with a simplified version of any images included in your logo.

Even just reducing the number of colors included in your normal logo can be an easy way to simplify it so that it won’t look too busy on your business card.

Limit Your Information

Before the internet came into common-use, business cards were packed full of information.

They would include a business name, address, phone number, fax number, and sometimes a pager number. They might even include details like business hours.

But now that a quick Google search will turn up all of that information and more, you no longer have to pack it onto your 3.5×2 inch card.

Instead, consider scaling it back to just your business name and website, as well as a phone number or email address, depending on how your customers usually contact you.

Limiting the information you include on your modern business cards will keep them looking clean and professional.

Make it Stand Out

The final tip to crafting the perfect modern business cards is to make them stand out.

It’s best to choose a single detail that will set your business cards apart from the rest. This could be a bright pop of color, a shiny foil border, or other creative elements.

Some businesses even get creative with the shape of their cards. There’s no hard rule that your business card has to be a rectangle. Consider opting for a circle, diamond, square, or other shapes to help your cards stand out from the crowd.

Even choosing a thicker paper to print your business cards on can help them stand out.

Creating the Perfect Modern Business Cards

Now that you know a few ideas for crafting the perfect modern business cards, it’s time to get started on designing yours.

Whether you already have a design in mind or you’re struggling to get started, we can help. Contact us today to see how we can turn your ideas into beautiful business cards that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and partners like Catdi Printing

Or, let us help you figure out which design ideas would work best, and which would hinder your goal of creating cards that stand out from the crowd!

How EDDM Postcards Help You Market Your Business and Rake in The Cash


How EDDM Postcards Help You Market Your Business and Rake in The Cash

How EDDM Postcards Help You Market Your Business

Reaching out to your ideal customers can be difficult. Learn about EDDM cards and how they can help you market your business and rake in the cash.

It may be easiest just to do nothing. That’s what a number of businesses think when they consider focusing their marketing efforts.

They come to that decision, or that thought, in good conscious too. With so many channels through which to reach consumers, it can be understandable to become overwhelmed.

That apathy though is a fatal business mistake. Instead of giving up, let’s look at one tool that can help you reach customers directly with astonishing results – EDDM Postcards.

EDDM Postcards – The Basics

If you are unfamiliar, EDDM Postcards, or Every Door Direct Mail(R) Postcards, are a targeted marketing offer from the United States Postal Service (USPS). Yes, the post office is about more than stamps.

Remember its goal is helping people connect. So with that in mind, it makes sense that they have a program like this.

With EDDM Postcards, there is a two-step process. First, you’d design your postcard.

With your postcard in hand, you can access the USPS EDDM tool that lets you map your coverage area. You can start with a zip code and funnel down to the specifics of the carrier route to ensure that your message is being seen by the people who will be most motivated to act on it.

The Benefits

The benefits of being able to manage and, in effect micro-manage, your messaging can be exponential. This is because you’re speaking to a very specific set of customers.

Take, for example, the neighborhood restaurant. If you want to attract more business, you could go door to door and hang menus. That tactic costs time not to mention the materials costs.

For a fairly low price though you can send out a concentrated EDDM Postcard to houses in the surrounding area, inviting them to stop in for a “Neighbor Special.” This type of visceral, targeted marketing is really only available through programs like EDDM.

In addition to promoting a special event and driving in customers on one night, EDDM Postcards can help build awareness. People may drive by your location all the time and think “We should stop there sometime.” By keeping your place top of mind you can turn that drive-by traffic into actual stop-in traffic.

The “Non-Blanket” Approach

It’s not uncommon for businesses to take a blanket approach to their marketing efforts. Plastering the town with ads, billboards, radio spots, emails, and more often ends up having the unintended effect of the messaging just becoming white noise.

Utilizing EDDM postcards provides you with the opposite result. You are reaching a specific subset of the population with a message that is relevant to them. By limiting your audience, you can actually increase your sales!

Make People Feel Special

Information moves fast and everyone wants to know the latest, now. When someone can be that person in their group, the influencer who can share something new, they get a special feeling. It’s a feeling that makes them feel good.

When you’ve got a new product or service, these influencers can help spread the word, but they have to get the word first. Reach out with a specific EDDM Postcard announcing your latest and greatest.

When the cards are engaging and direct, these influencers will be more inclined to share their messaging. Imagine after a Little League game, they turn to the other parents and say “Hey, let’s go to ______, I just heard about a special they have.”

Or discussing with their neighbors a “new lawn service” that looks really great. All because of EDDM.

Tell a Story

Every marketer knows that it’s rare that you can get a magnificent increase in sales from just one ad. It takes time.

It’s possible to be sure, but it’s certainly the exception. Those who plan on it being their marketing strategy are sure to be disappointed.

EDDM Postcards give you an opportunity to take the time you need. In fact, they can do more than increase a sale, they can increase your brand. The difference being, of course, creating a one-time customer vs. a loyal brand ambassador.

Use the EDDM Postcard experience to tell your story across several mailings. Introduce your company, make an invitation, play up your local connections. You’ll discover that residents respond well to companies that are close to them and seem to have their best interests at heart.

Look and Feel

It’s important to take advantage of the EDDM format for how it can target and reach customers but it’s equally important that the message those customers get is strong. That’s why it’s important that your postcards have a professional look and feel to them.

People a sub-conscious understanding that is a company puts out shoddy ads, their work will be sub-par. But when an ad is polished and direct…

Cost Effective

When you hear USPS, you might immediately think that EDDM Postcards will be cost-prohibitive for you. After all, the price of stamps seems to rise every year so it would make sense that a program like this would have a heavier cost to it.

Well, that kind of thinking is wrong. Currently, the USPS has an “intro” rate of $0.175 for EDDM Postcards. (In some instances that cost can actually start at $0.154!) Here are two vendors that we have worked with in the past.

Next Steps

So here’s the thing, EDDM Postcards are a part of the USPS. You could certainly lock yourself in a conference room for a few days and try and make the system work for you. But why?

When you’re sending EDDM, you’re asking people to trust you, the expert in your particular field. This is a time though when you should heed your own advice and turn to someone who can help you not just use, but master the EDDM system.

Remember it’s not just about mailing some postcards, it’s about creating engaging messaging inside of an impact-full design, and then delivering that to a targeted, qualified audience. All you should be focused on is helping customers and counting your sales at the end of each EDDM-driven day.

When you’re ready to let EDDM work for you, we’d love to talk.

Logos in Social Media Marketing


As you may already know, logos play a vital role in marketing a certain product, business or service. A small, simple graphic may be the difference between the success and downfall of a company. In a nutshell, they show the company’s goals, messages, the products and services that they are providing. Currently, all major corporations have their very own logos. The popular logos are always the ones used by globally renowned companies. A couple of golden arches shaped joined together, forming a curvy “M” and you will have the logo of a popular fast food company. A big fat check mark will always make athletes, fans and enthusiasts run inside and check out sports apparel. Overall logos are a very big thing; even a quiz game has been created. With the rise of internet advertising specifically social media, the roles of logos have now been upgraded, but still, they have adapted to the new platform smoothly.

We all know how logos should be and how they should look like. Here are some quick facts:

Size and scalability. Whether placed on a large or small platform, logos must retain their aesthetic qualities and properties. May it be a banner, newspaper, magazine, billboard or computer screen, they must have the same effects.

Place your company/business name. Yes, some companies may have gotten rid of their name on the logo, but you are not exactly a multi-million company known worldwide right? Put your company name and make sure it’s discernable.

Simplicity is the key. Simple designs are a must. Logos must be easy to remember and quickly recognized, which is why intricate designs are a big no-no. Also, the use of a multitude of colors is strictly a bad idea. One or two colors will suffice.

Social media, specifically social networking and content sharing websites are invaded by logos. Regardless of which website, they present a lot of factors and they impact users (and your business) in a lot of ways. An attractive, aesthetically pleasing logo will be able to lure in users and possibly make them like or follow your page, increasing the possibility of them availing your products. We all know that the logos are images that are used to associate with a business, which is why it is such an effective marketing tool. Once a user recognizes the logo, an urge to purchase something may pop into his head.

Once a logo is displayed along various social media websites, brand recognition will be increased greatly, giving people an various impressions of it, making it very recognizable to more observant users. As a small business owner, be sure to make use of the most famous social networking sites since the people are there, meaning there may be a lot of potential customers browsing in their desktop computers or smart phones. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are a great place to get started. Be sure to define your goals and add up a lot of people. You will then see the results in the coming weeks!

Promotional Mats: Getting Your Brand Noticed through the Floors


Most brands are looking up. You can see them on billboards, TV advertisements and other advertising strategies. However, people get used to looking it above and others simply take it for granted. Instead of competing for souring brands, you can keep the brand’s humility through the floors where the people stepped on and looked for most of the time. It is not bad when your brand is being looked down literally.

Floor Advertising LogoMats

Studies revealed that shoppers tend to look down 80% of the time. It is when they reached for their purse, check on their phones, etc. This fact paved way to what we call now floor advertising. It is a strategy of utilizing the plain surface of the floor through putting your brands they’re using custom floor mats or floor graphics. Custom floor mats are rugs that are made with unique design where your logo or brand is seen.

How does it build brand recognition?
Engage and encourage customers to get into the premise
Indoor/outdoor logo mats are designed for high traffic areas. You can see this in front of the store before the door. A uniquely designed floor mat can create a positive impression and captivate shoppers to get into the premise. With your logo in there, it can serve as their reference when they buy your products.

Direct consumers to products that they are looking for
Counter/bar logo mats can be placed in front of display to highlight or label your products. Shoppers won’t need to ask assistance in finding the products that they are looking for. It is also placed on counters to evoke the “need to buy” emotion from your customers. These floor mats can stimulate the buying decision behavior of the shopper. As a result, it will enhance the shopping experience.

Strong brand awareness in a retail store
Floor mats can be placed anywhere but you have to choose areas where people usually flock into. Your retail store should speak highly of your brand so that it will stick in the mind of your consumers. They can refer it to their friends and family members because they remember the product/service you extended to them.

Highlight featured products
Featured products won’t be noticed without custom floor mats. You can create a prototype display in front of the product to capture the attention of the customers. You can also put words in the mat like “limited stocks only”, “New Arrival”, “50% Off”, etc., Lights are often complimented with custom floor mats to get your featured products emphasized.

Cost Effective
Durable custom floor mats can be used again and again. Hence, it can reduce your cost over time. It is favorable to small-medium sized companies who have limited budget for advertising strategies. You can adjust the size, quantity and quality of your floor mats depending on your capacity to pay.

Using custom floor mats as a promotional item has gained popularity because of its effectiveness in enhancing a store’s visual merchandising strategy. If you are still hesitant to use custom floor mats, you must know that a health and beauty company enjoyed 20% sales increase on their newly launched product after implementing a floor advertising strategy. Also, a cereal brand gained 17% sales increase after creating a prototype display of their product in front of their display. It only means that people respond positively to these strategies.

The author is a professional writer. He usually writes article on Brand and Marketing related topics such as Creative Brand Building through utilizing logo floor mats. He is also a speaker about effective marketing strategies.


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