As you may already know, logos play a vital role in marketing a certain product, business or service. A small, simple graphic may be the difference between the success and downfall of a company. In a nutshell, they show the company’s goals, messages, the products and services that they are providing. Currently, all major corporations have their very own logos. The popular logos are always the ones used by globally renowned companies. A couple of golden arches shaped joined together, forming a curvy “M” and you will have the logo of a popular fast food company. A big fat check mark will always make athletes, fans and enthusiasts run inside and check out sports apparel. Overall logos are a very big thing; even a quiz game has been created. With the rise of internet advertising specifically social media, the roles of logos have now been upgraded, but still, they have adapted to the new platform smoothly.

We all know how logos should be and how they should look like. Here are some quick facts:

Size and scalability. Whether placed on a large or small platform, logos must retain their aesthetic qualities and properties. May it be a banner, newspaper, magazine, billboard or computer screen, they must have the same effects.

Place your company/business name. Yes, some companies may have gotten rid of their name on the logo, but you are not exactly a multi-million company known worldwide right? Put your company name and make sure it’s discernable.

Simplicity is the key. Simple designs are a must. Logos must be easy to remember and quickly recognized, which is why intricate designs are a big no-no. Also, the use of a multitude of colors is strictly a bad idea. One or two colors will suffice.

Social media, specifically social networking and content sharing websites are invaded by logos. Regardless of which website, they present a lot of factors and they impact users (and your business) in a lot of ways. An attractive, aesthetically pleasing logo will be able to lure in users and possibly make them like or follow your page, increasing the possibility of them availing your products. We all know that the logos are images that are used to associate with a business, which is why it is such an effective marketing tool. Once a user recognizes the logo, an urge to purchase something may pop into his head.

Once a logo is displayed along various social media websites, brand recognition will be increased greatly, giving people an various impressions of it, making it very recognizable to more observant users. As a small business owner, be sure to make use of the most famous social networking sites since the people are there, meaning there may be a lot of potential customers browsing in their desktop computers or smart phones. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are a great place to get started. Be sure to define your goals and add up a lot of people. You will then see the results in the coming weeks!


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