Handling Difficult Customers is an Opportunity by 4Forum.biz

Plan your strategy to handle difficult customers with this sentence in your mind. There is no such thing as a difficult customer. If you start in this way, handling difficult customers will not be any more difficult for you.

On most occasions, a customer becomes difficult only because of our mistakes. Either something wrong has gone with our product or service, or the product or service is not up to the mark to meet his expectations. Late delivery of the product or the delivery of wrong product may also make a customer difficult to handle.

Win an Argument: Loose a Customer
The first and foremost thing to remember while handling difficult customers is that you can never win an argument. Argument leaves both the sides drained and the subsequent atmosphere is rarely conducive to selling or good communication. Even if you win an argument, you lose possibly one of your best customers. An argument challenges the customer’s emotional judgment. It becomes very difficult to change his opinion once you challenge this judgment.

A difficult customer who has come with a complaint is, in fact, an opportunity to demonstrate the high standards of professionalism of your company. The best way is to listen to him. Do not try to calm him down. Instead, try to keep yourself cool. Ensure that your body language or telephone reaction is not conveying anger or shock.

Do not interrupt, and let him vent out his feelings first. Once he finishes, start by asking questions that demonstrate your real interest in solving his problem. Complaints are unavoidable in any kind of business. How you handle the complaining, will dictate the course of your future relationship with the customer.

Finally, you must thank the customer for bringing the complaint to you, because a customer always has the choice of switching over elsewhere.


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