Falkor BC_1

What’s the one piece of printed material that embodies your company, your company’s brand, and you personally? That’s right, the common business card.

It’s not just an entry ticket for the local deli’s lunch giveaway. Your business card is one of the strongest, most personal pieces of collateral that you can produce. It may be the first piece of your brand that a prospect will see. And it’s an intentional, purposeful connection, delivered directly from your hand.

Your card should have visual and tactile appeal that ties directly to your persona and your company’s brand.  This can be a difficult mix to master, but there are some organizations that get it right—and some that knock it out of the park.

Enter three players: Mitchell’s Garage, a Montana-based creative media agency run by Derrick Mitchell; their client Falkor Defense, the firearm product line for a precision engineering firm and aerospace manufacturer; and PrintingForLess.

Mitchell was working with Falkor to rebrand their line of firearm products. He contacted us to help produce printed collateral for their rebranding. Falkor had an idea of what they wanted in their business cards: a strong aesthetic appeal, distinct, soft touch feel in the hand, and the new Falkor logo.

Through collaborative discussion, we identified the elements that would define success for this project. Thick stock, 24 point black Touché paper would give each card the weight, substance and distinct in-hand feel the client wanted.

The matte finish of the paper stock would act as a foundation. The company logo and contact information would be stamped on with two colors of metallic foil to visually leap off the card. The contrasting black and red foils, on the matte black stock, would produce a card sure to stand out from the crowd.

Falkor BC_2

After the PFL Customer Advocate team spelled out the specifics, production took over. Our press operators worked closely with the design team as they created dies and ran the cards through the foil stamping process.

The final cards were die-cut with rounded corners, with results that exceeded client expectations. The metallic black and red foils catch and reflect the light when the card changes angles, shimmering and shining with an arresting and engaging visual effect.

Memorable? You be the judge.

Falkor BC_3

Falkor BC_4

Falkor BC_5

Think about your own cards. Do they say what you want them to about you? Do they represent your brand, your company in the best possible way? If it’s time for an update, let us know! We’re happy to help you knock it out of park, too.